Family-focused wealth management firm helping you make
the right financial choices for today — and tomorrow.

Our Mission

Life is all about choices, and the choices you make
today will most certainly impact tomorrow.

At GFG Wealth Advisors, we’re here to help you make the right choices for your money, your family, and your future. We’ll work closely with you to explore all your financial options and help you clearly understand how you can leverage opportunities to grow your wealth, provide for your future, and leave a legacy.

Working together, we’ll help you make the best possible choices so you can move forward confidently, knowing you’re prepared for a bright tomorrow.

Our independence gives you more choices, outstanding service.

As an independent financial firm, we don’t have to sell specific products. We don’t have to make you fit into some pre-packaged, cookie-cutter plan designed to help us meet sales quotas and earn commission.

Being independent means we’re free to provide you with a range of products and help you make the best choices for you and your family.

Our independence also gives us the freedom to provide a higher level of service to you. We’re not bound by corporate rules, we aren’t required to make a certain number of phone calls each week, and we don’t fill out service logs to send up the chain of command.

We’re free to get to know you and provide the precise level of service you want and need. You see, being independent means you’re our boss. Not a regional manager in some big city thousands of miles away. We answer to you. You, and only you.

Our Services

We offer you and your family a complete spectrum of
financial and insurance services. These include:


  • Income Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Second Home Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Charitable Giving
  • Distribution Strategies


  • Long-term Care
  • Life
  • Annuities

All our clients are different.

The services and products listed above are just the types of services and products we can offer our clients. But every client has different goals and needs. Our broad level of expertise combined with our independence allow us to cherry pick the exact options and opportunities we believe can deliver the very unique future you’re dreaming of.

Our Approach

Focused on Family.

We understand the importance of family — because we are one. We specialize in working with families — All sizes and generations. We know nothing matters more than protecting family and preparing for the future — to understand the spirit, character, and goals of each person — and translate those into multi-generational wealth management plans.

We’re Looking Out For You — Always.

Again, because we’re independent, we aren’t controlled by some large corporation. We’re not looking out for their bottom line, we’re looking out for yours. And we’re constantly aware of changes in tax laws, economic conditions, and other external factors that can impact your current and future financial position. We don’t wait for you to ask us about how we should respond. Before you can pick up the phone, we’re busy finding a solution to keep your financial plan on track.

We Keep It Personal.

And, professional, of course. We want to do business the old fashioned way — personal, confidential and customized — with all the modern technological conveniences — Access all day, everyday. But we’re more than just a broker or some robotic financial planner. More than anything, we want you to succeed and achieve all your goals. To do this, we strive to build a long-term relationship with you that’s built on respect and trust so we can be beside you every step of the way.